Why CosMed?

CosMed at Home is the only service providing comprehensive, 24-hour* care for cosmetic surgery patients. No one should have to rely on well-meaning but inexperienced loved ones post-procedure… or worse yet, be alone for the recovery process. We believe in the importance of comfort and safety, because peace of mind should always be the standard after cosmetic surgery.

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Why CosMed

Support for your recovery

CosMed at Home provides exceptional support and care so our patients can heal in peace, and family members can rest assured that their loved one is well cared for. Our licensed nurses combine years of expertise with compassion to provide the personalized care you need for a speedy recovery.

If you would like more information, we would be happy to send you a free information packet or schedule a consultation with one of our nurses to answer your questions.

Professional Medical Care

Does something not feel right? Not sure if it’s normal? Our licensed nurses have the expertise to help you. They can also communicate with your doctor to make sure you are on the right path to recovery.

Customizable Care

Regardless of the intensity, duration or type of your procedure, we will tailor your recovery period to your needs. After speaking with our team, we will create a detailed recovery plan so you can spend less time planning and more time healing.

Peace of Mind

Even if your loved ones want to support you in your recovery, this isn’t always possible. To give you and your family peace of mind, we offer 24/7 care from the comfort of your own home or preferred location.

Luxury Service

Our licensed nurses go above and beyond to make sure your recovery is as smooth and comfortable as possible, so you and your family don’t have to lift a finger.


A very important note: We want you to know that respecting your privacy is of the utmost importance to CosMed At Home. We take our privacy policy and commitment to confidentiality very seriously. Rest assured, your information will not be shared with anyone before, during or at any time after you contact CosMed At Home.